I’m a Visual Artist based in Brisbane, Australia. I work mainly in clay but also enjoy using other mediums including ink, charcoal, acrylic, oil and photography.


My work is a reflection of emotions, reactions and repressions of my inner worlds.


The main theme of my work draws inspiration and influences from various legends, symbolisms, myths, fairytales, religions and social extremes.


The use of masks are symbolic of our need to hide and protect ourselves from various aspects of our lives. We create the illusion that these masks are to protect us, but in doing so, we usually end up suffocating and cowering from fear. Wings, the other theme in my work, are symbolic of hope and our ability to rise up and overcome everything that stands in our way.


Some pieces have rips, scars, wounds and nails in them which are symbolic of the pressures we face in society, family and everyday life.


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