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Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.~Timothy Leary


Name a place & Alane Golden's probably been there… photographed that! Camera-in-hand at the tender age of three, it didn’t take long for this wonder-kid’s work to be thrust into the national spotlight.


At 15, she won a coveted spot in the S.C. Governor’s Traveling Artist Series, where her artwork was featured in a year long, 50-state tour, cumulating in a final art exhibition at the White House.


A thirst for international affairs found then 19 year old Golden with another award – this time in academics. As a participant of the USC’s International Programs for Student's exchange program, she attended Teesside University in the UK - earning a double-degree in English Literature & European History. While there, she volunteered for the British Red Cross & later living in Zurich, Switzerland.


Early awards included: a national First Place for “Best Print Ad” by the College Media Advisers (CMA); a First Place “Best Advertising Campaign” at the Southern University Newspapers (SUN) Conference and a First Place “Best Advertisement” from the South Carolina Press Association – all before turning 21.


After receiving her BA in Journalism, Alane moved to Australia, where she was a Creative Director in Sydney. After returning to the U.S. in 2000, she's since worked as a freelance artist in NYC, LA and the Pacific northwest. The product of a conservative retired NY Special Forces Green Beret Paratrooper and an even more disciplined S.C. schoolteacher, Alane was “raised right” in the deep south.


To say this background - as well as over a decade of inter/national live, work & study experience - helps make this editorial photographer’s perspective as unique as it is diverse, would be a massive understatement. In short, you can't pigeonhole this Golden girl.


Since 2001, among other subjects, Golden has documented countless protests / political events nationwide. Other work includes an ongoing photography series entitled, “N8TV”- a colorful visual story on the life of modern-day North American American Indian / Alaska Natives.


A joint photography / marketing campaign for American Apparel led legendary Steve Hall to hail Golden as one of the “top marketing & PR gurus in the U.S.” Her background as a trained artist combines seamlessly, creating a mixed-medium extravaganza of a hip-and-on-the-cutting-edge-technology breadth of work.


From the cover of, “Honey It’s Ok to Marry an Ugly Man”…to the N.Y. Public Library… to photography featured in Times Square for General Electric to editorial work and features in various books & design blogs and non-profit campaigns, her imprint is everywhere. A must know & a figure to watch.


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i ve always been a fan yea the pictures are fuckin awsome espicailly when i am high i cant get enough lol but yea eyewash photos inspire me and if you can inspire that means yuor good at what you do haha acutlly if you can inspire anyone =)

July 21, 2008

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January 8, 2008

It took a Cardinal for me to find Alane's wonderful photostream. I think her body of work has a singularity to it that can only come from a New York artist. I will visit often. Now if I could only afford to rent your loft!

December 28, 2006
Halting Committee (deleted)

corvid73 is a peach of a photographer. i enjoy her sense of humor as well as her pictures.

November 9, 2006
Mac Daddy says:

the variety and detail of your body of work speaks to the fact that you truly love what you are doing, and do so with an energy and imigination unparalled by few

August 28, 2005