A writerly builder with teacherly tendencies yet usually teachable. Proper grammar and spellings are a must.

  • JoinedApril 2008
  • HometownBritish Columbia
  • CountryCanada
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Lich's comic is remarkably entertaining, and his MOCs aren't bad, either, but I've especially grown to love the in-depth, readable, and most importantly, useful criticism he gives, both on build- and backstory-related matters. Also, he likes Neal Stephenson, and this makes him awesome.

April 17, 2009
shaky shelf (deleted)

Words cannot describe what a great and funny guy Lich is.

December 4, 2008
Blue Shade (deleted)

The coolest English teacher I know. Lich is a cool, very understanding guy. I take great enjoyment in our conversations. It's an honor to know him and to have him as a friend.

November 29, 2008