I have been vegetarian for over 40 years- when Tom and I got together we went vegan- 25 years or so ago (Tom went cold turkey...pardon the pun-no transition)

I had cooked all my life and had to learn to "veganize" my recipes.

So I did that.

Then Tom and family, friends and folks that I came in contact with said I should cook for people- so I do that too...with Vegan Feast Catering Co.

I had the opportunity to get a collection of my recipes published -.the book was meant as an introduction for carnivores on the road toward veganism.

I have since authored another book or two for publishing.


Oh, my "real" job is in the veterinary industry.

Been doing that an even longer time...I am dedicated heart and soul to the animals.


We have pets at home too....we love our two little Norwich terriers, "Love Token" and "Bogart" to pieces!


There is an article about our business and stuff in Peta's Veg Cooking Chef Spotlight if you are interested...and we talk about vegan food in our blog, goonagowalthedogs.type.com - we keep very busy and are loving every minute of it! I also have a TumblR photo blog, Wasabi Peas...

In the meantime we are having a blast photographing dishes and creating yumminess for all us "Flickr heads"...

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