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    hushed grade says:

    "He's a great and talented man."

    November 18th, 2009

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    noël-michèle says:

    "It is as if you have taken every single pixel and arranged each one in such a way as to make photographs. God couldn't create landscapes this beautiful."

    September 5th, 2010

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    Francesca Jane Allen says:

    "nobody does landscapes as well as you, they're dreamy yet so real and beautiful. not only are you an amazing photographer but you are so darn lovelyyy and i have to thank you for being there for me :) xoxo"

    May 16th, 2010

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    sshawns says:

    "mo, i can't even explain how i feel when i look at your photos.
    it's a whole rush of emotions;
    i feel empty, and sad and lonely but at the same time i don't mind and i don't feel afraid.
    but also, you're super nice."

    December 13th, 2009

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    amber ortolano says:


    December 1st, 2009

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    Laurence, says:

    "the master of simplicity and landscapes.
    and always so helpful :)"

    September 14th, 2009

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    anne camille says:

    "each photo is its own little paradise. i want to go there.

    amazing beyond understanding."

    August 12th, 2009

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    Ella.May says:

    "After i get over the shock of the fact that i have not yet written Mo a testamonial, i want to tell you about him.
    He's about the kindest person in the world.
    He's my friend.
    He's hugable.
    He has an amazing taste in music.
    He takes beautiful photos.
    And writes beautiful poems.
    He's one of the most amazing people in the world.
    I can't believe i lived before i met Mo."

    August 7th, 2009

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    dorellana says:

    "mo is truly an artist at heart, through his words and photographs. his kindheartedness and generosity is extended toward anyone, and over the time that i've known him he has been an extraordinary friend and inspiration."

    July 12th, 2009

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    murakami.kenta says:

    "Each photo is perfect. The earth has never seemed so beautiful."

    June 30th, 2009

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    Sarah .K says:

    "Why haven't i written a testimonial for you yet?
    Well i haven't got much new to say, I just agree with your other friends and fans - you are an amazing poet and photographer and a great personality too. I'm glad to know you and to follow the progress of your work Mo."

    June 23rd, 2009

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    Kennedy Garrett says:

    i don't even know where to begin"

    April 12th, 2009

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    ramaj says:

    "every single one of your pictures is even more inspiring as the next"

    April 5th, 2009

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    Sita Marie says:

    "all these people are right.
    they all say anything i could.

    he can make any simple looking picture so beautiful.
    he is always so honest and poetic, and nice.
    and creative. :)
    i love all his pictures. every one.
    i don't really know what else to say about mo.
    i am just glad he is here. :)"

    April 3rd, 2009

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    casimms says:

    "he can do magic when he has a camera in his hands."

    February 22nd, 2009

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    Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie says:

    "A true artist and poet, his photography and writing are magic, and he is the kindest most beautiful soul"

    February 7th, 2009

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    taraviolet. says:

    "Mo is a poet.
    He's a photographer.
    His mind is consistently bubbling with so much magical
    imagination and he knows beauty when he sees it.
    His stream is a mass of loveliness.
    The way he depicts life is splendid. It's colorful, entracing, bewildering, intense, calm, raw,
    and eye-catchingly gorgeous.
    I could write stories upon stories
    from his photography.
    I want to see the world through his eyes.
    I bet it's like a movie full of delicate voices
    vivid eyes and fireflies floating through deep
    blue night skies.
    His writing seeps into my ears like honey
    it's so perfect in its dreamy nature.
    He's such an inspiration.

    He's a great friend too.
    He makes me feel better when I'm down,
    makes my feel talented when I feel ordinary,
    he makes me notice that life is a roller-coaster
    but everything will be okay.

    I'm sending you a virtual hug.
    You deserve to rule the world.
    And I know you will, one day soon."

    January 7th, 2009

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    Eleanor Hardwick says:

    "a wonderful friend, and brilliant photographer."

    December 19th, 2008

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    ben.doo.dat says:

    "mo is brilliant.


    October 18th, 2008

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    Chrissie White says:

    i'd just like to note*
    i love the quote on your profile about art being an addiction.
    because you know, it is one.
    and as artists we get bored without it, we see it everyday, we breathe it, we feel it, we dream it, and sometimes it's all we can think about, when it's not there we scream, we cry, we go through desperation, need&want. It makes us feel whole, happy when the joy is not really there, we starve without it.*

    what i'm trying to say mo; is that you are a very wise person in which I am so grateful to know. the photographs that come flying out of your heart represent life in a way it should always be, sweet and triumphant. If your photo stream was music it would sound of laughing and crying all at the same time, strung together to create a perfect balance, a perfect harmony.

    But not only are you a truly amazing artist but your whole being is amazing too. You have showed me what it's like to be wise, but young; funny, but serious; and most of all how to be truly happy for other peoples successes. You are the most uplifting person I've ever met, you supported me when i was first starting my photography and i took blurry photos of flowers, or random [bad] photos of people. You've always had faith in me or atleast pretended to, and it means so much to me. I can honestly and surely admit that my life would not be the same if i had not met you.

    I do not know what posessed me to re-write my testimonial, but i know you so much more since the last one, so it was only fitting.

    I hope you recieve everything you've ever wanted in your life, because a kind person like you deserves it.

    how's that for cheesy eh?"

    June 25th, 2008

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    oladios says:

    "Beautiful mind that was born with shutter button under his finger ."

    December 9th, 2007

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    northpolemama says:

    "when someone makes you think... and your thoughts change your world...and your world becomes better....that person is someone you were supposed to know. I feel this way about Mo....thank you my friend!"

    September 26th, 2007

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    soleá says:

    "great photographer.. so much talent!
    his photography gets under my skin.. so much sensitivity
    also a very cool guy! one of my dearest flickr friends
    keep up the beautiful work Mo!

    September 9th, 2007

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    aga_d says:

    "Mo is an inspiration. my inspiration.

    his photos and poems are always unique.

    thank you, dear friend."

    February 28th, 2007

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    cecillielopata says:

    "One of my favorite artist here on flickr.His photos are amazingly inspirational and always a pleasure to look at."

    December 29th, 2006

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    Or Hiltch says:

    "Sorrenta's Photos are always interesting to look at. They can sometimes take you to another world - his world - as portrayed beautifully in his poems and colorful images that inspire some thought."

    October 30th, 2006

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    bellablue says:

    "All around beautiful person. What more can I say?"

    October 24th, 2006

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    UFOGlassHens says:

    "Mo, one of my favorite Flickr people. He's very friendly and extremely creative. He has some very inspiring photos, a beautiful soul and mind, and then he looks good! How can you be all that at the same time? A mystery to me :) I love how I can see hidden messages in his pics."

    August 20th, 2006

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    lorien_PL says:

    "He is a sensitive and talented photographer, with a head full of original ideas, an eye to see the world with all it's beauty and a camera to capture it all..

    he's pictures are some more than just professional, well composed photos - each of them tells a story, each of them is definitly worth seeing

    Mesdames et Messieurs, Meine Damen und Herren, Ladies and Gentleman : )

    July 11th, 2006

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    Agnieszka says:

    "Mo is a poet both with words and images. Visits to his photostream always provide food for thought and a feast for the eyes. His photos and captions speak of beauty, hope and life without resorting to cliches.

    Mo is also a very kind, friendly and respectful person. These qualities shine through his thoughtful comments and they definitely help to make Flickr a better place. Mo is the kind of person everyone should have on their contacts' list."

    April 19th, 2006

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    Marchnwe says:

    "I am so, so lucky to have met him. He has one of the most incredible sets of shots which I think even more perfectly reflected with the words of wisdom, excellence, emotion and humanity.
    Hi, Mo and no farewells."

    April 15th, 2006

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    .serena. says:

    "mo's work is beyond the mind. it truly reaches deep in your being! he is a true artist. his words & thoughts have you coming back. thank you for sharing all that you do with are most inspiring!"

    March 22nd, 2006

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