Photography is a trend
and I am in style.

Doha , Qatar.

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    probable silver says:

    "Guccia, although she's a recent contact.. I was amazed on how she wasn't on my list. Her photo stream is absolutely amazing, each picture of hers speak for themselves before reading the title or the description. I love the simpleness in her shots. And I dont really know her personally but I do think that she's a responsible, mature, sweetheart. She's always there to comment on my pictures and give me her feed backs which are very much welcomed.
    keep up the good work,

    April 6th, 2009

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    complete mice says:

    "hmm.. © Guccia ..
    what can i say.. she's a great photographer, there's no doubt about that..
    she's a flickr addict :P..
    and ya for those of you who read © Guccia 's about my self.. don't get scared :P..
    she isn't that mean :P.. lol
    n also she's a great person to have as a contact.. =)

    i hope for you the best...
    from your bro F.A.D.. Qтя =)


    March 20th, 2009

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    Tigeration♥ says:

    شقول وشخلي
    she is amazing
    I luv this bnt wallah
    i luv everything about her
    she is an amazing photographer
    and her photostream is awsome
    luv u guccia"

    January 23rd, 2009

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    Pinkosha♥ N.String says:

    this girl is soo cute.. creative, beautiful , talented amaazing are just a few words that come to mind while describing Gucciatiiii stream Her work is pure art very inspirational 7bebetii keep going
    love you"

    January 14th, 2009

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    αиosн says:

    ""your the one of the best best photographer in flickr seriousllyy am in love with each and every single photo from you phtotstreaam mashalaah 3lich :"") w ba3ad your edit is amazinng love love love it :P (L)
    keep it up sis
    am alwayz waitig for ur newest

    January 13th, 2009

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    gêÑtLë » MâN says:

    "Coccia i luv youre profile it's amazing ..

    i think every thing you you had said is true which so much ppl do not do this ..

    i really love you're description 4 Photography.. and that sit ..''!!"

    January 3rd, 2009

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    EXCLUSIVITY ™ |AD| says:

    "~{ Gυ¢¢ια }~
    YoU're TaLeNteD MaShallah
    LiKeD YoUr PhoToStreaM (Y)
    You’ve got your own style in taking pics and editing~!

    KeeP Up The gOoD WorK ;)

    19- 12- 2008"

    December 19th, 2008

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    excellent page says:

    "She's one of the creative people
    here in flickr
    i totally love her photostream
    she's so sweet and lovely
    and i feel happy when i see
    her sweet comments xD

    *wish you all the best in life*
    Pinko ;D
    P.S: thanx a lot for the testi ;D"

    December 13th, 2008

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    Мeяaήa says:


    from her photos and her profile
    i can see how shez kind, luvly, hopeful, powerful gurl.
    Luv her shots, makes me see a story about each 1
    also they are unusual and out of boring
    best wishes dear in your life
    good Luck"

    December 11th, 2008

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    elfin gold says:

    "Guccia 7ayatie ..
    Fdaaaaait Galbch walllah
    ta3alllie , enty b33d born in april ?
    oh , Kafiiiiich Kafiiiiiiich .. LOOOOOOOOOL

    e777m ;
    soo , let me c . .

    She is [[[ One of the best ]]] , (L)__(L) !!!

    ummmm .. she is realliii wise
    walllah 3gl-ha akbbbbr mn 3omr-ha
    Fdaaaaaaaiiiiiiitttt rooo7-ha aNa
    walllah a7sss enha kobrie
    tfhhmny ya3nyy

    hummm ,
    tara-ha wayed 6ayba ,
    walllah glbha abyyyyya'6
    w she is ready to help everyone
    & she is dooom beside u when u neeed her

    9ara7aa ..
    akbr f555r lyy , wjoood-ha

    3nnn her photostream ,
    OMG . .
    9orha rw333a ..
    9ij perfect ..
    wallah she is reallii good at it !!!
    [[[[ 100% Pro ]]]]]
    im realllii inspired by ur work ..
    mashaalllah 3leeeach : )

    Wish u alll the best , ♥♥

    a7biiiiiiiiiiiiiiich wayed (L)(L)

    Ur BIG sis 🅿️p:p LOL
    ur Fwend , Sarab"

    December 10th, 2008

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    R.O Mania♥ says:

    "Guccia ..
    I actually thought of this & ..
    i thought you'd deserve this so .. SURPRISE hahaha
    well.. i don't know why but your work is art to me .. its
    like it should be used in greeting cards i don't know
    why i thought of this but i think your an amazing person who carries
    amazing concepts ..
    just to let you know that I'm a fan ! =D

    UniqueOo =)"

    December 3rd, 2008

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    obsolete train says:

    "She added me just couple of days or weeks ago, Her photography is wonderful and cute, I specially love your sweet different colours in each picture of yours.
    your summer shot made me laugh because it reminds me of something happened to me when I was In home :-P.
    your favorites are cute too such as your photo stream.
    I'll end this now and the reason is I'm not too good to describe my feelings by pushing these keys and write.
    All what I have to say now is I really love your photos and you are a great photographer :-)"

    November 24th, 2008

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    handsomely history says:

    "PPL this gurl is sooooo UNIQUE!!!
    i swear she's one of a kind
    im a big fan of her descriptions , they just tend to have deep meanings that will make u think for a while

    mashalllllllla 3alaich guccia ur soo talented ur shots r =O super amazing they r just different
    i love flickr cuz it made me know u xD
    wallllllllllllllla ur sooo sweet ;**
    keeeeeeeeeeep Rockin gurl \m/"

    November 2nd, 2008

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    'Twins says:

    "Amoon Amoon Amoon,
    walla she is just unbelievable,
    i Love this girl to death,
    she is so kind and sweet, w she cares about her friends to death, if u had something to say, u could just say it to her, because she wouldn't just listen, she would alos help u,

    This gilr is just A M A Z I N G!
    I sweare, she is just liike me, it's like we r identical !
    even wen it comes to parents, they are exactly the same,
    we share the same dieslikes and likes, < almost :S
    she is just perfect,
    9a7 iny mamshy ma3ach thak il zood, because of the both sides, ya3ny because of the one with me and the one with u, X'D .. but u should keep in mind that i still love u, and i would do anything for u, and i mean anyting, walla, u have done A LOT For me, and now it;s time to thank u back by doing anything!

    w u should keep in mind, that anytime, and i mean anytime, u feel like talking to someone, let my name come the first name into ur mind, and feel free to tell me anything

    N7biich Moot,
    Nawary w Ndoo5a,"

    September 28th, 2008

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    Tahani AlHajri  says:


    ~{ Gυ¢¢ια }~

    إنسـآنـه قمة في الذوق ~

    يعجبني اختيارها للصور ولقطاتها روعــة

    ماشاءالله عليها قمة في الإبدآآع

    عسى ربي يحفظها ويخليها

    ويسلم ايدينهـآ الفـنـانه

    your sis ~
    Yummy Strawberry"

    September 26th, 2008

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    ~lolaa~ says:

    "gucciaaa - amoona

    =O enty ely u wowzed meee
    with this magnificent most wonderful testi i have evr red. =O
    i was like reading el testi and kept on gazzing for abt .. GOD knows 2lain metaa i was staring fel testi. hehe
    u might call me CRAZY bss i truly found it soo freakin amaazing ow sweet of u..
    u left me speechless 4 like 5 mins. and i was like omg OMG gucciaaa (H)(H) (( haha kentee lazim etshoofeen shaklee when i was happy ow shocked ow super exstatic kella at the same time xD))

    fedaitich wallaah am the fortunate to have u as a friend
    ur such an amaazing friend, the most sweetest person i have evr talked to , SUPER sweet.

    AAA and don't let me start with her pix ... cuz her stream is a killer ..
    hehe not mentioning el TORTURE part with her EVIL laughter and the cute devily face (6)
    channa men kether ma am eager to write a testi. i forgot all abt thanking u 3adel .. ow a9laan cant thank u enough

    hehe =p
    wallaah i cant stop thanking u
    ur a dear friend and a gr8 one 2
    a friend that rock the whole wide word
    bss certainly u deserve more
    sam7eena 3al g9oor

    ur sisoo
    loulz -3alaya"

    September 5th, 2008

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    Orangeya says:

    "Gucci Pwincess; When i Read/Hear this name; Sweetness and Purity comes into my mind... She's Just too sweet (L) ... i for one can't thank her enough ! she has been so supportive and always there to cheer u up and make u feel so good abt yourself (L).. You always have amazing words to say and ur so kind and pure hearted..thank you for being all that and thank you for being who you are .. you are just super great ..

    srrry 3la this testimonial .. its the not the end its the begining .. just wanted to reserve my place ;) .. wait for me :*

    love u
    ur sista;
    laawlaw orangeya"

    July 5th, 2008

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    ÅĻώå7éêÐ.. [ USA ] says:

    "●ッ ● gυ¢¢ι ρωιη¢єѕѕ ● ッ

    what can I SAY ABOUT HER ?
    she's nice Girl
    i didn't make any comments in her photostream
    But i always watch her new photos
    evry photo she but it in her flickr have different things want to tell us
    good-luke sis in ur life =)
    wish that u will be good photographer
    ur bro ,,,,, alwa7eed"

    June 22nd, 2008

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