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    John. ( Jaymak1). says:

    "It is possible, that you may ask someone , "Show me the wind!". They will point to the branches of a tree and its leaves swaying back and forth. Or they may ask you to look on the seashore, and watch the sand swirl. To this, you would say, these are merely the reaction of things coming into contact with the wind. In truth, you cannot see the wind itself. However, what is undeniable, is that, although you cannot see it, from what direction it either comes or goes, you know it is there. You can feel it as it gently blows across your face. The same can be said of Kayo. As you look at her work as a model, you will see many different styles and genre, all very much with her personal influence upon them. Yet even beyond that, there are the aspects of Kayo which you cannot see, but neither can you deny being 'touched' by. Kayo possesses beauty beyond belief, which is unquestionable. But more than this, she has a very quiet, understated serenity about her personality. She would credit anything you see of her simply to great work by a photographer, and whilst due credit rightly should be paid to that work, it should not be to the detriment of Kayo herself.

    For myself, I fully admit to being 'touched' by Kayo. It is a beautifully unique experience. As a consequence of which, this most beautiful of people, rightly commands, and has, my loyalty, respect and friendship.

    Am I besotted by Kayo? Not in the least.

    I am, however, more than happy to admit, that I am completely and utterly captivated by her (who couldn't fail to be). The limit of her potential, governed only by her integrity, which is impeccable.

    Grace, style, sophistication, charm, beauty. Just some of the many quailites of this incredible young lady.

    Thank you Kayo, simply for being the person you are.

    John xxXxx"

    February 27th, 2012

March 2008