I'm a lifelong aviation enthusiast and aerospace historian who took up photography in the summer of 2008. I've learned a lot and have seen a lot since then, and I try to enjoy as much of the variety of aircraft that bless the American southwest as I can. My favorite thing to shoot is aircraft under their own power, preferably in flight, but I will also shoot static aircraft and the occasional non-aviation subject.

(Oooh, all-caps. Must be serious).
Please note that I retain an All Rights Reserved copyright on all of my images. Any party wishing to engage in commercial use of my photos should be prepared to discuss compensation - if you are using my work in a manner that makes you money, you had better intend for me to make some money off your use of it. Any use of my photos, whether non-commercial or for-profit, is unauthorized unless I give my consent first, so please ask for it. I am reasonable and easy to work with.

Also, I do not contribute photos to any "reference" websites or databases, so if you see any of my images on such a site, please let me know.

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    planephotoman says:

    "Aviation Historian, photographer, and knowledgeable Friend. There is no trip to Nellis, or Phoenix that would be complete without Joe around. Joe is a great guy that has an answer for just about everything! I enjoy watching his site for pics that show detail, power and all around aviation rarity. Go get em' Joe.
    And THANKS!"

    December 16th, 2009

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    UnleashedPhotography says:

    "Joe has amazing photos. The airports he goes to give him a wide variety of things to takes shots of, and he does it well."

    November 7th, 2009

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    leaky_tiki says:

    "I remember when I first stumbled across Joe's Flickr stream, I was so inspired by his aviation photography. When I found out we both live in the Phoenix area I couldn't wait to meet him. I could tell that Joe had the "eye" and his talent is self evident in his photos. It has been a great honor to get to know Joe over the last six months and to actually shoot with him along the fence. The thing I've noticed about Joe is he often disappears when we are out as a group... I think it is then that he comes up with some of his truly amazing work!"

    July 1st, 2009

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    vector1771 ( / says:

    "Joe started out getting people's attention here on flickr because he was posting lots of aviation action at an airport that nobody in the flickr aviation community "covers". Within a very short period of time he has established himself as a highly creative and respected aviation photographer whose site is a must hit DAILY. Its amazing to see his talents grow exponentially and he has a true passion for the subject he shoots. Further, he is a great guy and a kick in the a$$ to shoot with! Keep up the great work Joe, I cant wait to see what happens next!"

    March 22nd, 2009

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    Matt "Linus" Ottosen says:

    "Joe takes amazing aviation related photos, his photos are, simply, outstanding! I am inspired to take better photographs every time I look at his work. If you love aviation, then look to Joe's photostream (when you're not looking to the sky)!"

    December 21st, 2008

March 2008
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