My Roses

As I propose my photographic work , there are some things that immediately catches the eye. Most pictures are close-ups of roses or even true macro shots of it. No other flower has such a variety of shapes and colors - each rose is unique! And above all, they express in such a poetic way feelings of passion, nostalgia, love, romance and imagination.

My aspiration is to share all kinds of deep human emotions through these delicate, sensual flower.
An ode to the rose in all its forms and facets - from bud to blossom and wither and shrivel.

Where once for me , especially the emphasis on the creative aspect of art was , I am now very happy that my recent work, while getting older , has more depth to it. Feelings of hope and despair, love and joy, sensuality and eroticism , vanity and pride, helplessness and loneliness - the pain and sorrow and the rending of saying goodbye. All existential questions and fears, in short, the main issues that control our lives - from the ancient Greeks, Eros and Tanathos, I try to express through my own created "world of roses". Averse to the current cold , distant , ironic or cynical movements in the art- and museum-world, I sail my own course. One might call my photographic work romantic . Although digital - and therefore up-todate - my photos come close to the classic paintings with their ​​clairo-obscuro technique.
I do not not look so much for the beautiful, aesthetic or decorative side of the rose, but a different, creative, thoughtful and artistic approach which will more likely charm an art-loving public. So I hope that my pictures will find their way to the real artlovers and collectors, which are more able to assess its exclusive nature and value and appreciate .

The artist, Thierry Ysebaert

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thierry ysebaert
March 2008
antwerp, belgium
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