If you’ve enjoyed looking at my collection of photos, that’s really great. However if you’d really like to show your appreciation and make my day could you please donate a few pennies, cents, rubbles, shekels, or euros to the following worthy cause:


Ezme’...s Story:


Ezme was born 6lb 1, although she was a hungry baby with a healthy appetite her weight dropped and she wasn't thriving. At four weeks old Ezme underwent medical test to discover why she wasn’t gaining weight. When the results came back they confirmed that Ezme had Cystic Fibrosis. As a result of her Cystic Fibrosis Ezme takes up to 30 tablets a day and must undergo two sessions of physiotherapy each day to help keep her chest clear of mucus.


We are aiming to raise money for the Ezme Imelia Rose 65 Appeal. The money raised will go towards physiotherapy equipment such as a physiotherapy vest. The physio vest has many health benefits however carries a large price tag costing around £10,000. Any additional moneys raised will also go towards exercise equipment as people with cystic fibrosis are required to live active life styles to help them with their illness.


If you would like to donate, and I hope you will, please contact Stu Taylor at the following address:




Thank you.


Phil King

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