So here’s the story.


My name is Curtis. In July 2007, I married Lindsie, the girl of my dreams.


Six months later, we gave our notice at the jobs we’d held for five years (me) and eight years (her) to travel the world.


We’re going flashpacking. What’s that? It’s like backpacking with less pack and more flash. We’re packing less and buying more along the way. For the most part, we’re skipping hostel cooking, chicken buses, and group accommodations in favor of restaurants, discount airlines, and something with a lock on the door, a soft bed, and sometimes Wi-Fi.


I do some online consulting work, so most of what’s in my backpack is a laptop, camera, phone, mic, headphones, and too many USB cables. Plus flip-flops, sunscreen, tweezers, and a really good lock.


This trip is half vacation, half work, and half experiment. (I’ve always had trouble with fractions.) And this site is my ongoing record of my vacation, my work, and my experiment. If this is something you’re interested in trying yourself, stay tuned and see how it goes. Watch and learn…

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