Hello there, sorry i never realized i hadn't written anything on my profile before, so here goes. I've always been in love with art, and got into photography during my first years in high school, when my dad first bought his Xti. I would constantly steal it (giving it back of course) to see what I could do with it, learning how to shoot manually and seeing what everything did, etc. I was instantly hooked the first time i used it, so I just kept trying to shoot different, everyday things so that I could improve.
Now, I've been shooting for about 5 years total, and just last year got into underwater photography, and i hope to continue diving and shooting al around the world. I find it amazing that only a couple feet into the water a whole new world opens up to photograph.
It would be nice to one day get good enough to either do this for a living or at least do this as sort of a part time job, but we'll see
Oh yes and my favorite part has got to be being able to go out with my girlfriend together to see what we can each capture on any given day.
Thank you!!

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Joe Platko
February 2008
Seaside, USA
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