Retired academic archaeologist. Now spend most of my days writing. But while working in the field I got interested in taking photographs and since I got a digital SLR I have been very energetic. I still need to learn how to manage my camera, but they are so forgiving that with a little ingenuity I can usually get a nice pic. So much is about composition and having an eye for what will look good extracted from its context. But a friend of mine told me that there are only three things that are important in a photograph: 1) the light; 2) the light; and 3) the light. He may have been right, but I get very tired of looking at sunsets (and dawns) and pics where the only thing is the light. I try not to put pics of people onto Flickr.

Do not think of using my copyright photos without permission. Happy to be asked.



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H PF says:

Eine beeindruckende Foto-Gallery. Tolle Fotos

December 2, 2019

iain's gallery is an encyclopedy of the queensland, but not only... great technic for every kind of scenes, a good eye, and imagination. Wonderful landscapes as well as details, this long visit is like a delightful travel that have to be earned. necessary to come here and watch !

January 10, 2020