Just a bloke trying to look AND see

If you have no photos available and no profile......you will be blocked.........this is a photo sharing site after all and i'm not interested in not being able to look at your images.

Please do not post images into my photostream, links are fine but no photos please.

Also I'm not into awards, so again please do not award me a shining glittery flashing gif...it'll be deleted too

If you want to use any of my images please contact me....these are the tip of the iceberg and i own all the copyrights

This pleased me no end ..........

I was also pretty chuffed with this.....

"The force of a photograph is that it keeps open to scrutiny instants which the normal flow of time immediately replaces. It would not be wrong to speak of people having a compulsion to photograph: to turn experience itself into a way fo seeing"

Susan Sontag from On Photography.

Couldn't put it better myself!!

Old chinese proverb that seems apt to me

"If i buy a saw it does not make me a carpenter"

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    Plastic Jesus says:

    "John is a really friendly guy who manages to take the kind of photos I don't have the guts to, due partly, I imagine, to the gift of the gab he clearly has.
    But more seriously I'm delighted he's out there, documenting Northern Ireland as it is now, warts and all, so that they'll know in the future what it was like to live in this place we call home. How many tenses did I manage to mix there?!
    On the downside he's a Liverpool fan, but nobody's perfect!"

    October 12th, 2007

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    JulesCanon says:

    "I love john's slant on NI, his photostream is of the everyday, no matter how shiny or grimey it is. He's got such a great personality that you find that you can't help but feel drawn to him and that's a great quality. i'm sure for those that john photographs in the street's of belfast, they're hardly aware of his camera, its just a part of him.besides, its his funny, witty and charming qualities that you are aware of. His talents are so very much respected and he's such an inspiration for us newbies to photography.
    it was a pleasure to meet you that day in town john, still have your book and proud to have your pawprint on it!
    i'd recommend your photostream to anyone to have a look at, but it speaks volumes for itself already. happy snappin and keep with your moochin! Jx"

    June 18th, 2007

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    missfitzphotos says:

    "John always sees beyond, between and behind the obvious, and his photographs are amazingly comprehensive snapshots of life: the good, the bad and the ugly. Often his work ventures into serious social commentary, but without slant or bias, allowing the pictures to tell the story. That is an amazing gift and we are all the better of being able to view John's work. Finally, what makes John so special is his absolute generosity with his time and talent among those of us less gifted! Who knew Mooching could be so much fun!!"

    November 22nd, 2006

John Baucher
April 2006
Tandragee Co. Armagh
Belfast, Antrim
community artist/photographer and facilitator