I am: Super fit, hunky, extremely good looking and super intelligent!!

Well - we can all dream!!

I own three Canon A1 SLR cameras; with Canon F1.8 50mm lens, Tamron F4.5 70-210mm Zoom lens, and a 35mm Optimex lens (although this lens was damaged when it was knocked out of the car by one of my kids onto the hard tarmac car park at Tesco's King's Lynn). My other camera is a simple Fujifilm FinePix S1730 bridging camera - and although I prefer my Canons, the affordability of film and shear bulk of photos I take has meant that this is now my main camera! I am hoping one day to upgrade to a DSLR, but only when I can safely afford to!

From my photo-stream, you can probably work out that I travel a lot around my home county of Norfolk. Beaches, Churches, Castles, Events, ..... etc, all get photographed. Almost all my photos get uploaded here onto flickr. Probably not the best photographer in the county, but a small number of my photos have been used by some of "local" churches. A couple have been used elsewhere, but my greatest feat to date has to be those that appeared in the British Archaeology magazine.

I can also be found on Facebook at:


.... but I don't tend to post many of my photos on there though!

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Gary Troughton
January 2008
King's Lynn
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