My name is Karim iliya.


I'm 22 years old from America and Lebanon. i have lived in England, Turkey, Bahrain, India, Korea, UAE (Abu Dhabi), New Zealand, and California.


While most photographers go on photo expeditions to create pictures, this is not the way I live. I choose not to stray from the path of my life, but rather take my Camera with me on it, so that the photos i take are an artistic reflection of my life and journeys, with minor side path detours of both physical distance and in time, without significantly altering the journey of my life.


For this reason i do not only photograph one type of thing. Instead II try to document my life artistically to show people what my mind, my perspective, and the way I really live my life.


My goal is to master every type of photography from landscape, to portraiture, to event, fashion, macro, wildlife, architecture, off camera strobe, commercial, and everything in between.

The only thing i will never do is high school/senior portraits. I find these excessively boring and redundant, with the same light setup for hundreds of people. I say nay on this, but aye to everything else.


Because I do not ever go anywhere with the sole purpose of taking photos, I do not take pictures every day because not everything is interesting, or worth pushing to be interesting.

A bottle cap or a tissue box can only be too interesting before one's creativity becomes tired. I prefer to let it build up, and flow naturally.


I use a Canon 5d mkii

14mm Canon

50mm f1.4 Canon

100mm Macro

580ExII (synced off camera)


and a crappy panasonic 5 megapixel camera which i try to carry with me all the time if i don't have my SLR.


I'm also a professional beatboxer (vocal percussion) -

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I am impressed with Khans of Kuram's work. But I am most impressed with the statement that "flickr, should ban all glittery crap and awards, its trashy." That makes him alright in my book.

June 19, 2008