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I retain rights to my pictures, but am happy to share them IF you ask for prior permission at DO NOT USE the Yahoo e-mail.

USE the MSN email.

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I'm an Air Force Veteran, retired businessman and a commercial property landlord. I have time now to travel and shoot more pictures.

I have a simple camera, and though I studied photography, I like to keep my shots basic, snapshots if you will. I shoot on automatic, and wait until the scene and the light are right. I go with the rule that 'the shot is there or it isn't.' If the scene isn't right, I come back another time.

I want my photos to look like the scene when I was there, and so if I enhance at all, it is only for the brightness and contrast. My first love is landscapes, and I want those to look realistic.

If people are into heavy enhancement, that is fine, but when a picture gets changed too much, it fits better in an art category than in a photo group. And those can be quite interesting.

We've lived in seven states and visited all but thirteen. We have been in over 30 National Parks. I feel fortunate to have seen so much of our blessed United States.


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