Born in London in 1957, by 1967 the adults in charge had labled me as Strange, not much has happened since then. I did however manage to get through 13 schools in ten years.
Many of the photos are those of us from the various Children's Homes. Most of us from the 1950s went to ordinary schools in the towns the Homes were in.
For some our clothing matched those from ordinary families, but often there was something that set us apart, our clothes might be of good quality, but many had been passed down from a boy that had outgrown, sometimes we were not in the latest fashions.
I didn't mind the older style clothes in the more dull colours, some of us did have a few differences depending which Sister was in front of our own small group, my Sister would not allow me to have long trousers on a cold day, I was however allowed to wear dungarees, I was the only one in the primary school to wear dungarees.
Wellingtons were another item we were often seen in, damage your shoes or sandals and you were in major trouble, you could wear plimsolls in school, but due to the many times you would be changing out of thgem, it was easier to wear wellington boots all day in school. Some of the teachers disapproved, but known how we need to look after our clothing did not say very much.
On school photo day, many would get their own back by putting us at the very front of the photo, the summer class photo where most of the children were in summer clothes and sandals, often had one or more of us stuck at the front of the photo in wellingtons, on wet days or if the photo was taken in the winter, we might get a few more ordinary kids joining us on the front row.

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