Polish and EU citizen living in the EU capital, Brussels, Belgium - Writer and scholar, Harvard classmate of top US leaders who became leading dissident writer on US regime judicial corruption and media control crimes, and was forced to flee death threats and extortion in USA. Millions were spent to attack, threaten, and tell lies about me, while US web search engines illegally erase my websites from search results.


European legal actions, represented by Brussels human rights lawyer Georges-Henri Beauthier, are confronting the censorship of my writings and defamation of me by US-based internet giants, who deny my rights to continue the writing and journalism which gave comfort to many thousands of US regime victims, and is even credited with saving lives.


Censorship by US search engines hides the evidence of terrorist acts that forced me to flee the USA as a refugee; helps deceive and defraud European and world citizens, companies and nations; and prevents me from replying to tens of thousands of words of lies and hoaxes planted about me on the internet ... while my attackers sometimes bribe corporate media, and sometimes slander me using fake names (as on the US-CIA 'Wiki' sites and their endless copies).


At Harvard and in university days, many times I rejected the opportunity to become one of the wealthy, high US elites oppressing their own citizens and the world. Instead, I followed my spiritual instincts to be someone active in fighting corruption, and supporting and helping victims and the common people of this planet. My willingness to oppose criminal psychopaths is something for which I have paid a heavy price.


My mother's heritage is that of Polish Unitarians who became non-Zionist Polish Jews, a factor in neo-Nazi fetish crimes against me. I am a spiritual person today taking comfort in Asian religious traditions, with no doubt that it is thanks to God and divine powers, that I am still alive today.


These Flickr collections are photos taken at various moments during my daily life as a menaced refugee from the US in Europe. These photos document my new beloved home city of Brussels, Belgium, my life among the people and Kingdom who have given me safety in the face of the threats to destroy me.


Brussels is a wonderful city with a great history, one of the most pleasant capitals of the world in which to live. Brussels has a noble history of providing a safe haven to other dissident refugee writers, such as Victor Hugo, Karl Marx, Charles Baudelaire, and Alexandre Dumas, and I shall forever be grateful that Brussels and Belgium have helped to protect my own life as well.

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  • OccupationHarvard-educated writer, scholar, classmate of top US leaders, who became leading dissident writer on US regime judicial corruption & media control crimes - millions spent to attack, threaten, defame me, USA 'ordering' my sites erased from search results
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