A very minor civil servant, now retired. Largely content with the confines of "the Land of Steady Habits". A lazy and sloppy photographer who blames his beagle, Fletch, for the inadequacies of his images. While walking the dog gets me out into the world and its photographic opportunities, Fletch, often impatient and pulling on his leash, forces one-handed shots. Changing lenses becomes impossible - necessitating a bridge camera, or an all-in-one lens. Ten seconds is all he will give before jerking on the leash. In spite of this, I still love him, taking pictures, and being taken for walks by my beagle.


While there are some photos and slides converted to digital, most of my Flickr shots begin with 2002, in jpeg with a small 10 MP count. Various steps in improvement included a DSLR, switching to RAW, and using Adobe Lightroom to take advantage of straightening, dodge and burn, pre-sets, etc.


Flickr is the main way I view my uploaded shots. I can view my photostream in the reverse chronological order of my uploads, or I can view sets of photos or collections of albums. The full screen slideshow feature is quite nice. The Flickr link is:




I have about 150,000+ photos on Flickr. That makes for a very long photostream. If exploring, one might find that viewing my albums or my Collections would be very helpful.


Fluidr displays Flickr uploads in a pleasing way; by most recent, by most interesting, or by Random selection (my favorite). Often, Fluidr will display a small, partial image (the upper left corner), but clicking on the image will display the full photo.


The Fluidr link is:




Flickriver is another way to display photos. It includes a "most relevant" category in addition to those mentioned above. The Flickriver link is:




In searching for other ways to see my photos, I found that Flickriver has a slightly different link that shows "interesting", but with very different photos. That link is:




Hivemind has two links for photos selected based on "interesting". There is a slight difference in the photos selected that may reflect a formulaic change. It is interesting to see which photos are considered my best by viewers and by Hivemind itself. It's a good way to get a sampling of my work. However the links may be dead as of 12/01/2018.


The links are:






Google Images also displays my shots, with an occasional extraneous shot from someone else mixed in (There are many John Murphys in this world). The link is:




For my site on Flickr do a search for johnjmurphyiii

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