Due to the recent changes at flickr I will be moving house. I absolutely hate this so called new and improved flickr. For those that love it more power to you, for those that hate it I feel your pain.

I'm no longer posting anymore images on flickr or adding any images to any groups here.

For anyone interested I'm posting and have relocated all (with the exception of one set) of my images to ipernity: www.ipernity.com/doc/285591/album

I still have images on flickr but I think more than likely most will be deleted ... not really certain about that but either way you can find them and me at the above referenced site.

I've been with flickr since 2007, and have met some great people here. I plan on coming back on occasion to comment and say hi.

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    sugarpacketchad says:

    "Kicha is a wonderful person. She shows a humbling respect for history, and a rare excitement for what life has to offer."

    3rd July, 2008

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    RockN says:

    "Kicha's collection of vintage photographs provides an often moving and always thought-provoking picture of American history, primarily focusing on the black experience. These photographs sometimes amuse, sometimes educate and sometimes sadden us. We may not always like what we see but it is a part of who we have been and who we are and it is necessary that we face our history and not forget those who have suffered and those who have struggled. Thank you Kicha and keep up the good work."

    19th April, 2008

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    Photography By Atiya says:

    "One of the most elaborate and exquisite collections of vintage photographs detailing the lives of colored people I have ever seen. This is truly a collection to be both proud of and enjoy. I am so proud of Kicha for collecting the photos, newspapers, and magazines that she has and showing them to the world.

    These images of Black people are images that will not be televised or publicized in mainstream because they depict a completely different view of Black people that Eurosupremacist society doesn't want us to know existed and still exists t some degree. Kischa has a great appreciation of her history and her ancestors.... Keep the knowledge flowing girl!!!

    Love, Peace, & Blessings... One

    13th April, 2008

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    AfroPix says:

    "Everytime I sign on, I can't wait to see the new items in your stream. To think that a non photographer has such a compelling instinct as to what is visually pleasing or significant!! I know scanning these book is a lot of hard work, and I thank you for your contribution to making flickr relevant."

    9th April, 2008

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    mz dee1 says:

    "The idea of gathering all the photos and information is an creative endeavor.
    I'm not a photographer... I just like to take pictures and its a new found hobby for me...

    I have viewed your streams and comments.
    and we all think that what you are doing is awesome .
    I have spent hours looking at each photo picking out details...
    and allowing my imagination to run wild,
    as I peek into the past

    Even used a few lunch hours viewing your streams...

    Your are a photographer's dream...
    You keep their work alive after they have long passed on.."

    16th March, 2008

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    robert621 says:

    "this site is addictive and im its latest junkie..every time you think u have seen it all you discover something new, it is not only a visual treat its a history lesson full of highs in the photography and views of a time lost and in the lows in that a race of people were and still are treated in such an unfair way..but its a triumph of the human spirit to overcome all obstacles placed before it..we should all be grateful for the work and love placed in this unique collection."

    2nd March, 2008

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    voigtlander says:

    "Thanks for what you're doing in creating this important archive."

    4th February, 2008

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    chiesavecchia collection says:

    "indispensable source for the history of the blacks in america."

    22nd January, 2008

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    The Nite Tripper says:

    "You have an excellent collection of photographs! Thanks for sharing these with the world, they are very valuable, indeed!"

    22nd January, 2008

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    mr broddy says:

    "The historical work done on klbndc's pages is hugely important socially."

    19th January, 2008

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