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  • Aww baby tech luminaries! Clockwise: Yoshi Deherrera, Patrick Norton, @chieftwit Dan Huard baby @kevinrose & @sarahlane from The Screen Savers circa April 2003. Found this in some old archives and it made my day! by aharvey2k
  • IMG_6818 by Florida Supercon
  • image(1) by Jake Castorena
  • IMG_2974 by Jake Castorena
  • y2.d131 | there is a war going on for your mind. resistance is victory. defeat is impossible. by B Rosen
  • Pinterest by rasamalai
  • 40+68 What the deuce!? by bark
  • ZN Lilandra ink by Steiner from mars
  • Beige bear squid by calliopeva
  • Red Panic Button on Computer Keyboard by gregory2012
  • Sneaky 'Justice League' Writers and Artists Strike Again by Wayne Flower

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