My name is John Louie and I love photography.
I believe that regardless of the subject matter, landscape, people or other studies
the creative potentials are the same.
It is very exciting to live the moment discovering the possibilities here and now.

When I first started photography, people photography was my main interest
and the drive that inspired me in the medium. I have since diversified but i think the interest
still remains in me an inspiring creative outlet for my visual work.

People photography is a very different animal than landscape photography and quite an enjoyable endeavor to explore and express the moment through gestures , body expressions and concept. A very dynamic and seemingly boundless relationship exists for me in the moment of creating.
I hope that in sharing, you can experience the magic as i have had the privilege to see the world in this unique way with my subjects.
Here within my stream are some of their stories...

San Francisco is a wonderful place to live, eat, dream photography...
SF revitalizes me and has affected every aspect of my life. My work is always evolving and my hope is that in sharing my work, I can in turn
rediscover even more meaning in my work that I have not yet realize. The images on my stream is part of that journey which I am sharing.

Precious light is equally precious as time, especially today. My tutorial allow participants to speed-track into advanced photography; no matter how novice one is at the start. My workshops provide a good inexpensive platform to learning. In just a week we cover ground that takes a whole semester and more to cover at universities. And this happens on the field with intense hands on experience, in small dynamic groups, which further ensures personal attention to every single attendee. Your instructions come directly from an active professional and not someone who left the field years ago. Many photographers spend a lot of money traveling far, only to be disappointed with the resulting images they bring back home. My workshops ensure you gain the knowledge that will prevent this from happening. Participants already know they spend a lot of time with photography and much more trying to improve their images; sometimes endlessly on post-processing. Our focus is to get you on the field away from the computer ripping the rewards of a satisfying photographic experience. In the end our workshops will save you both money and time while they develop your "Light writing" skills
Also, for those digital junkies who are interested in exploring large format film, I also have an introductory to large format photography. It is such a "romantic" tool to explore photography through. I highly recommend it for those who are up to the unique challenges and perspective of our world in this medium!! The soothing approach is like drinking coffee or fine wine... it is in my opinion the most challenging, fun and personally rewarding approach to image making!
Highly recommended for those of you who are "hopeless romantics" about photography and are interested in growing/ exploring in the process and in your personal camera life.

On a personal note... photography to me is a transcendent is more than the sum of its can be elating, powerful excerpts, inspirations to the moment. It can burn, intensify and consume the creative spirit in an epiphany to one's own life if you will give yourself over totally to the journey. it is as I call it... Magic. It is a spiritual journey...
it can touch, inspire, transcend, can be intoxicating all at once. To me it is a dance of intense emotions.... it maybe the biggest gift you will ever give yourself over to. It is, in my experience a portal to be in harmony and balance with oneself...and in turn others. It is a way to stop to see life for its beauty and not just the daily grind of everyday life and if it is to see life in the everyday... to see it with AGUSTO!

Please enjoy perusing my stream, from the bottom of my heart... thank you for allowing me the opportunity to reach my first 3,000,000 visits mark here on my flickr stream! yes it is but a number nevertheless it is also a tiny goal that my friends here have afford for me by your much appreciated vibe, presence & visits!
john louie

[url=][img][/img][/url][url=]j louie[/url] by [url=]John Louie[/url], on Flickr
-John Louie

for those interested, please check out my beautiful hardcover book "Vibe", available now!

or preview here at my personal site

*direct email please use ~ louie_imaging at


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    Jerry Ipsen Photography says:

    "John Louie is a photographer's photographer who's not afraid to help others. From digital to film, John has provided me with numerous suggestions and encouragement to improve my craft. Although an accomplished and busy photographer by day, John has taken my calls and answered my emails. Because of his assistance I have shot architectural interiors commercially and am now shooting and developing medium format B&W film for my fine art shoots.

    John Louie's work is stunning to say the least. His book, "Vibe: A visual study of modern San Francisco" sits atop my coffee table. A reminder that excellence can be achieved."

    June 27th, 2011

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    McLing says:

    "I have never written a testimonial for any of my Flickr contacts before, but I feel really compelled to write one for Louie. He is truly an artist with a vision and passion. Browsing through his photo stream is like drinking fine wine on a Saturday afternoon. I will never get tired of his landscape work of San Francisco and of the Golden Gate in various light and weather conditions. Thank you for sharing your great work, Louie!"

    March 19th, 2010

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    Ken.Lam says:

    "What can I say that hasn't been said before. His fog work is what captured my attention. The fantasy feel of those images sprinkled with bits of reality (SF) is absolutely beautiful.
    I hope one day to capture some of SF fog myself and with John there I'm sure it'll be great!
    Almost forgot, you won't find a more considerate and thoughtful guy than John! For someone so good at photography, he certainly has the right to be pompous which in fact he is not but a very down to earth guy! I guess shooting beautiful women all day has the effect! :P"

    September 29th, 2009

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    Unknown Street Photographer says:

    "I really like Your photostream, and i love some of Your pictures!"

    September 19th, 2009

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    Ikon Visuals says:

    "Louie is not only a great photographer, but one super nice guy as well. I do agree with his assessment of San Fran as I used to live at the nexus (San Fran/Emeryville/Oakland/Berkley) the place is phenomenal! His images reflect the beauty and diversity of his habitat, warm, sexy, inviting, stark, quirky, etc. One of the better and more diverse photostreams in flickr, Louie deserves all the accolades he receives!"

    June 3rd, 2009

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    josullivan.59 says:

    "A city as special as San Francisco deserves an equally special chronicler. Louie is not only very talented, but very hard working. He doesn't just get out remote places at sunrise, but thinks very carefully about what makes San Francisco unique and goes out to find the images that show that uniqueness. Bravo Louie!"

    April 24th, 2009

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    fototakerSF ~ it's warm now! says:

    "I just discovered the art of this fantastic photographer and noticed that he has a "few" sunsets.... I thought I was the only one with so many sunsets but it's quite obvious that HE has me beat by a mile... and they are gorGeous, as are all of his images. I haven't met with him yet but am hoping to do so before I return to live in Europe. Great stuff!!!!"

    December 1st, 2008

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    Thomas Phan says:

    "Lord of the Bokehs!"

    October 1st, 2008

  • view profile

    Rex Maximilian says:

    "As someone who is transitioning from one career path to another, Louie provides me with inspiration and helps instill a sense of just how wonderful a new career in photography can be. His images are breathtaking, be it his sweeping landscapes to his beauty series. Louie also takes the time to provide positive feedback and encouragement as well, which speaks volumes of his personal character."

    July 30th, 2008

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    Adam Hardy says:

    "My only contact with this extraordinary photographer has been through flickr. since then i have forged a great relationship with what i redeem as not only a world class professional photographer, but a total world class human being.

    His photography shows a technical,creative,exciting and conceptual ability that i'm sure a lot of photographers would certainly aspire to.Myself included.

    I also would add that he produces images of both high emotional content and maybe sometimes the cheeky side of us humans.

    All in all,a friend, a gentleman,a helping hand when needed and a man that pushes the photography envelope in all the right directions!!

    If i were Peter Travers from Rolling Stone it would be 5/5 stars and stamped classic for this fine mans body of work! Bravo!"

    July 15th, 2008

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    okamekun says:

    "I am influenced a lot by his taking a picture technique and sense. As for him, the madam is valued and because I am a very kind, nice person, I respect him most."

    May 20th, 2008

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    Komkrit. says:

    "Here i am to say that he is a one hard working photographer I have notice so far. Most often I am inspired by his work. I can see clearly through his vision. His restless mind always wander of how to make himself become better and better in what he believe in. I appreciate his style of working, living, and believing, unlike no other....."

    April 15th, 2008

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