I am very old, twice the age I was when I got divorced, but still a child at heart.
This is my second time around on here, I was known as 'Slipofthetongue', but I must have upset someone and I was deleted.
This time there will be no photos for a while, I intend to make a slow start to my collection and apart from things I find funny in various publications that I read, I will be putting up boring pics of my own creation.
I will be making my usual stupid and sometimes banal comments in various Groups on here. If I upset you, sorry, but I believe in free speech, except where hurtful insults are concerned.
I am not a supporter of any radical group and my religious beliefs are based on my own spiritual feelings, I refuse to wear any type of label denoting my religion, too many wars have been caused that way.
I have pet hates, lies and deceit being the biggest, politicians and jobsworth people follow on closely behind.
I love to laugh and I am a great believer in 'Live and let live' so if you want to chat to me, just remember I am not 'PC' but I am not a racist of any sort. I enjoy the company of people from all backgrounds, race, creed or colour as long as they don't try to preach to me, in return I will treat you with respect and try to deal with you as a fellow human being.
I am a straight male with an open mind who loves all women.
I am not interested in being introduced to my feminine side, I like being a normal heterosexual with a few kinks to my character.
If you want to add me to your contact list, please drop me a line, saying who you are and why you'd like to add me, it only takes a minute, I don't want a full Bio of your life.
Thanks for reading this, I hope it wasn't too boring.


I've got a new toy, a present for Christmas and I'm having so much fun.
It's a Kodak V803 digital camera and I'm still learning how to use it and how to spot and frame good photos.
For now I'm uploading all my pictures, so comments, criticisms are all welcome.

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    Anji Jardine says:

    "Codacil, despite an outward impression of being a grumpy bump, is a very nice person. He'll deny it, but it's true. He has a good sense of humour, as evidenced by the many jokes he posts to the biggest group, and posts many insightful comments to the threads there. He also has a lovely wilderness garden, full of snow drops and primroses, that features in his photostream - so he can't be all bad. The fact that he's a regular visitor to Australia means that I am allowed to forgive him for being a Pom! :-)"

    June 12th, 2008

November 2007
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