These are my first picks (1stPix)- from my diecast collection, wildlife & nature photos.

Although I have a lot of diorama pix, my REAL hobby is nature and wildlife photography. I've expanded into underwater pix, and have been branching out into the Atlantic, Gulf, Keys and many of the Central and Panhandle Springs. I know there are many interesting sights and places to see all over the world, (even visited some of them) but I mostly concentrate on the WILD and pristine parks, beaches and springs throughout Florida. There are great parks, natural places and attractions out there if you know where to look.

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As a police officer, I get to see a lot of the bad and the ugly, not so much of the good out there. Don't get me wrong- it beats working for a living.... but it sure helps to have a hobby, or two, a frequent escape from the day to day from the 'mean' streets.

I've been collecting die cast cars since I was a kid, and building dioramas to display them, off and on for awhile. My layout has really expanded in the last 9 years or so. I've gotten pretty good [I think] at creating the set-ups and taking pictures of the layout. My collection, of course, is always growing. I do the diorama work in my spare time- when I'm not busy chasing real bad guys and solving mysteries, traveling, and running a 1-man German Shepherd Rescue service.

If you're looking for more pix and slideshow videos of my dioramas....check out the 1stPix Facebook page, or the 1stPix Youtube Channel (Although I don't use YouTube much anymore)

As far as my aspirations of ever becoming a wildlife or nature photographer one of these days... I have none. I'm an amateur in progress; at best. While I'm happy to share them, I only take pictures of what I like, what I want to see, and I only edit them to remind me of the particular experience or encounter; to spark that same memory when I see them again. I never worry about what other people might like, or what effect or composition might make it more popular. Essentially, these pix are just for me, but you're more than welcome to look at them too...

I welcome any comments or questions about my dioramas, but keep in mind, this is just a hobby- I'm no expert, and I don't have any 'How-to' videos or instructional photos. I also don't have the time to answer each and every question about where I bought all the diecast, where you can find supplies, how I build things, etc. So, I made a list of Frequently Asked Questions that covers all the common topics and includes a list of suppliers and resources.

You can find the FAQ for my Diecast Dioramas here: 1stPix DIorama FAQ

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OK, if you're still reading this... you may have too much time on your hands, or perhaps need another hobby. But, just in case you don't have anything better to do- here are some random thoughts:

In all my years in Law Enforcement... I have never once yelled "Freeze! Police!". or jumped on the hood of a fleeing car to catch the bad guy. Also, It never turned out that my partner was actually the culprit all along, and was trying to 'pin the rap on me'. Most importantly, I have yet to tackle a fleeing 'perp' into a swimming pool. (Maybe one of these days)

My personal advice...
1. Don't Drive Angry.
2. Always do the right thing, but ONLY because it's the right thing to do.
3. Find something, preferably more than one thing, that you enjoy, (other than your work) and DO it. Life only has one setting: [Forward] and if you're not paying attention, you might miss the best parts.
4. No matter how successful your TV series might be... NEVER do a clip show episode.
5. Never keep an alligator chained up on a sailboat as a pet, no matter how interesting and cool you think it might be.
6. If you're wondering, and you just can't decide... here's a few hints: NO ONE wants to see any screen-shots from your favorite video game, or a CD cover of a band that you like, or a shot of the best lunch you have ever had. Most importantly, never post any pix of your cat taking a nap, rolling around on the floor, staring out the window, or watching TV- no matter how cute you think it might be. Just to be safe, I would recommend not posting any pictures of cats at all. Nobody likes cats...
7.. Never go in against a Sicilian, when death is on the line...

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    Elsie esq. says:

    "DioMakr doesnt line up toy cars and clicks his camera at them. He uses his finely detailed minitures to tell stories that happen on a daily basis on any road in the World. One gets the feeling that life in the "little world" continues after the picture and I found myself hoping that no one was hurt in the fire, that they tiny people would not be too delayed in the traffic, that the police catch their man and so on. A very enjoyable set of pictures."

    November 21st, 2009

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    clear parcel says:

    "Dear Phil,
    great documention of great nature photos. Great miniature stuff of an artist. It's not a waste of time to spend a weekend afternoon between your pictures.
    Join Phils documented adventures of our real and miniature world.
    With best wishes from Germany,

    August 14th, 2011

October 2009
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Police Officer
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