I was an AKC breeder/exhibitor of the Belgian Malinois for 16 years, I am now retired. There was nothing I enjoyed more than raising, training and interacting with this wonderful and very active breed. Anyone interested in bringing a Malinois into your family, first and foremost, it is critical to do your breed research, they are a herding /working breed, territorial and naturally protective of their home and family. They are not for the inexperienced, first time or average pet owner. They are highly intelligent, very high energy both physically and mentally. Correct breeding for temperament is critical, so choose your breeder carefully, one willing to work with you during the first two years to ensure correct training for a mature and stable mind.... BEFORE you decide this is a breed for you ... please contact the ABMC for full breed info, and a reputable breeder. www.malinoisclub.com/abmc/

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