I have been a shameless birder for nearly forty years now, since I was 11 years old, and was captivated by a pair of tits (Blue and Great) in a London (UK) park. I never looked back, and have been blessed to "bird" for a living now too, being a full-time tour guide for Tropical Birding Tours. Before becoming a guide, and particularly since, I have been extremely fortunate to travel the world in search of birds and other animals - I rank mammals just as highly and seek them on my "bird tours" - and have managed to observe birds and other natural beauties on all five continents. I am not done yet. Sharing with others the birds, wildlife and the experiences that comes with this, wherever it might be, has become deeply satisfying and the end game of it all for me. I have seen some great birds and other animals alone, but unquestionably my fondest memories have come from seeing them with others. Of course, I love seeing new birds ("lifers") and new "furries" (mammals - I am still seeking my first Ocelot!); but sharing them is the be all and end all. I am very much a social birder/naturalist, I need someone to turn around to and say "****, did you see that!?"

Originally from the England, I now reside in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, in South America, within easy reach of the Andes, the Amazon, and even the iconic Galapagos. Lifers keep coming for me there, as there is such a vast array to "compile"!


To see more about the company I am a "family member" of, and see some of my tour reports, please see: www.tropicalbirding.com/

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