Hello everyone! My name is Jesse Salazar. My wife and I own and operate the BioTechs Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning company in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.


Our company allows family members to be with their loved ones while we take on the difficult task of our after death cleanup services. We specialize in everything from suicide cleanup, blood cleanup, crime scene clean up, homicide cleanup, and more. Our team of elite technicians will sanitize and disinfect a property to rid it from pathogens and other harmful substances in order to restore the property back into a safe, sanitary, and calm environment that the whole family can enjoy once more.


We're here to show the effectiveness and quality of the work that we do. Be safe, God Bless, and I hope you have a very blessed rest of your day! :)


BioTechs Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning

13355 Noel Road, Suite 1100

Dallas, TX 75240


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