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I have a project. To document life. Well, of course not in the whole of universe/multiverse, not even only on Earth - just what I can find in my garden at Ekebo, Julita, Sweden.

It is about 2 acres and involv different parts from bushes, meadow to a "kitchen garden".

I plant flowers and bushes that butterflies and insects like. I do not use "chemicals" or burn the grass. I have been very rewarded, more than 20 different types of bumble bees lives here and fix the pollination of fruit trees and flowers now when there are very few bees to do that (parasites and so..).


Four years ago I got my first digital camera - Fujifilm Finepix S602 Zoom. Because it had the ability to take good macros. Then it was the best of the "edium level " amateur digital cameras. Today it is outrun by many, but still have some abilities I like. So I am still using it.

I have been an amateur photographer for 50 years now, mostly 35mm b/w and color slides.


Now I have bought a used Fujifilm S2 Pro DSLR and 2007 will be "marked" by that camera.


Update 2009 Aug: Because I used it so much it stopped, to tired to do more work. So I was lucky to get another used S2 Pro...and soon it will sto...


My camera bag today have many cameras, the best ones are:


Nikon F100

Canon T90

Canon FTQL

Nikon Nikkormat EL

Hasselblad 500 C/M (medium format)

+ about 20 other analog cameras from 1930ths to 1980ths, and some poket cameras.

I am a "camera nostalgic"...


99% of the pictures on my pages are from my garden.


As you can see I prefer to "shoot" butterflies (including moths), and other small living "things".


OK, a fast course about my home parish:


Julita is an old parish 170 kms west of Stockholm. We have found old sites over 7000 years old here (stone age).

The name is very old and means "Horse meadows".

During the Viking Age there was a Viking King stronghold here, and King Erik the Holy once owned Julita. The first written document in our National Archieve is about Julita.

From 1180 to 1528 there was a main Cistercienser Monestry here and during the 30 Year War 1618-1648 king Gustav II Adolf got his famous light army canons from Julita. The Regal ship Wasa also had some canons from Julita.

The first Post Office outside the towns was opened here (the Commander of Chiefs lived here in the 18ths century).

Today The National Gene Bank for apples and ruhbarbs is situated here.

.. and I have two "rare" apple trees in my garden (and 2 common).

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