I'm a Canadian living in Toronto. I'm originally from Hong Kong the former British Crown Colony. I'm an accounts receivable analyst. Don't worry, it's not a collection agency so you won't get threatening phone calls from me ever! I just sit at my desk and money flies to my desk :O)

I still love things that I liked when I was a youngster: buses, trucks, lorries, fire engines, airliners, banking history and architecture! Yeah, I'm a bit special!

I'm the founding-administrator of four photo groups:

Banking in Photos / banking on photos

things NOT made in China

Dieu et Mon Droit / God and My Right: The British Monarch's Motto

Fotogroep KLM Huisjes / Miniature KLM Houses

In addition, I inherited the administratorship of this group:

Bank of Scotland/Halifax, HBOS


As of 2009-07-03, almost all of my photos will be superimposed with a copyright watermark. Everyone is more than welcome to download my photos only for personal, non-commercial use. My flickr friends can request an original copy of the photos without the copyright watermark by messaging me.

Prior, written permission must be granted by me if you want to use any of my images (before and after 2009-07-03, and with or without the copyright watermark) for commercial use. I'll take legal action for any unauthorised use of my images.

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  • Unaware by Chris 1971
  • Selfie! Do you like my 1960s hairdo? by Can Pac Swire
  • Photographing The Photographer .... Swire (Canadian Pacific) by Greg's Southern Ontario (catching Up Slowly)
  • Bowen Island by Busologist

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    Creamy Pet says:

    "Thanks for the great pics my friend"

    August 28th, 2017

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    caring plant says:

    "A great photographer and a very personable chap to boot. I saw and experienced far more of the city with his friendly knowledge and guidance than I would otherwise have done. Top bloke."

    October 5th, 2008

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    concerned quill says:

    "Very interesting photographs containing very informative information."

    June 12th, 2008

August 2006
Toronto, originally Hong Kong
Toronto, Canada
I am:
Male and Single
Financial services
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