Oliver Oyakhire, a Florida native, received his Bachelor’s of Engineering in Architecture at The University of Florida. He then moved to Charlotte, NC where he received his Masters, certification and license. Since then Oliver Oyakhire has moved back to Florida where he is known for his creative vision and dedication to safety and aesthetics throughout his building designs. His designs utilize the maximum amount of space, taking into account the placement of the sun for the bright appeal and also decreasing energy consumption. He has worked for the same firm since moving back to Florida. He has recently been promoted to Senior Architect and has already taken on large projects designing future residential complexes. His eye for practicality makes his creative ideas functional but in the most inspiring and appealing ways. Olivery Oyakhire has lead teams to successfully deliver superior quality solutions to commercial, public and residential properties. When not designing and working on large projects, Oliver Oyakhire enjoys playing football with his 10 year old son Bryson and going paddleboarding with his family and friends.

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