I could tell you about this camera to the next camera to the next over the last thirty-six years. But we buy cameras for the images. I don't understand being a gear hound unless there is a real need. I love, adore, highly esteem, promote, think the "Rule of Thirds." As the last 15 or so years have come and gone, it seems this tried and proven rule of composition has been forgotten and some people even besmirch it. Well, no comment. It's sure hard for me to brag on center-spotted and/or center-sliced photos. Drives me nuts. Don't mean to be ugly; it's just where I live, somewhere off-center. Western North Carolina and the Gulf Coast (Gulf of Mexico) are my hang-outs. There you have it, a little bit about Southern Imager. Most of my subject matter is rather mundane; I'm not in Paris, South Florida, Aruba or flying into Lukla Airport. Thanks for dropping by.

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