Update June 2016
Recently had a slight issue with the Flickr Police, for some unknown reason my Photostream is now set to Moderate??? So please bear with me if 'stuff has disappeared', I'm working on it.
WoW I haven't updated this for a while, but my photo's have now gone past 3.5 million views! Yes!!! 3,761,293 And now it's heading towards 4 million!
Thank you everyone!!

Me????? Early 50's male ;) Bit of a strange one.... perhaps. Got back into photography quite a few years ago, describe myself as a very enthusiastic amateur, taking a large amount of frames.

Love texture/form/colour, like capturing landscape scenes (as you can see).

I have always been fascinated by stockings/lingerie & now...

I have been very lucky & have done some glamour type shots with a very special lady, my partner the very lovely Lady Champers (thanks to Lady Champers for letting me put them up on here!). Which I think are getting better with each try... never been that good at taking pictures of people...

Allied to the glamour shots, we have been smitten with Burlesque. We've made some great friends & I get to take LOTS of photo's :)

I really like searching through Flickr looking at other people's shots to get ideas & inspiration.

Please DO NOT add any notes to our photo's, they will be removed.

My desktop wallpapers are what I feel are my best shots & are publicly available, please feel free to use them on your desktop & enjoy them...


However, DO NOT post my pictures elsewhere without my express permission, thank you.

ATTENTION STOCK AGENCIES: If you have any interest in my images please contact me via Flickr.or my mail. Don't use my photographs without my permission.
© Copyright.. You can not use!
© Copyright .. Você não pode usar!
© Derecho de Autor .. . No se puede usar!
© Copyright .. Sie dürfen es nicht kopieren
© Copyright : "Vous ne pouvez pas utiliser cette photo"
© حقوق النشر محفوظة. لا يمكنك استخدام الصور

The early shot's on here where taken with a Fuji S5500 & I am now the proud owner of a Nikon D40.

Lastly, please don't get offended if I add you as a 'friend'/'contact', it still means you'll be able to see 98% of my frames, the last 2% are for my real family only. Also, if you add me as a contact/whatever, please allow me to see your photo stream. After all Flickr is about sharing isn't it?

The 'No Longer' Lone Gunman

Update February 2015
OMG!!!! We have now gone through 2.4million views! Yes!!! 2,459,864 Thank you everyone!!

Update August 2014 My partner (Lady Champers) & I have completed a move further north to Derby, I have a new job working for another Sub-Contract Electronics Manufacturer.... new challenges!!

Update August 2014We have also now gone through 1,750,000 views...OMG!!

Update April 2014 We have now gone through 1,400,000 views...

Update September 2013 We have now gone through 700,000 views... yes !!! seven hundred thousand. Thank you everyone :)

Update April 2013 Alot of the photo's previously 'moved' have been put back, although with a 'little' more privacy.

Update Nov 2012 I've removed a lot of photo's for personal reasons.

Update Sept 2012 - We've now gone through 380,000 views !!!! Ohhh wow, thanks peoples :)

Update May 2012 - I have now gone through 310,000 views !!!! I am amazed.... thank you everyone !!!!!

Update Jan 2012 - I have today gone through 200,000 views & would like to say a very big thank you to all the people who look, fave' & comment..... Thank you very much

Update Nov 2011 - Just another reminder, If you add me as a contact, please have something to share. After all that's what Flickr is about... If you don't have anything to share then I won't reciprocate!!!

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