After more than three years running a travelblog I decided to create a Flickr-page to have more options to share my pictures with you.

It started in 2012 with photo's of snow, mountains and skislopes, but after having more time, money and lust for travelling I decided in augustus 2015 to make an own website (yet still in Dutch) for summer and winter travelblogs. An Instagram- and Facebookpage followed and I even made some video's for my YouTube-channel. Since the 7th of January 2019 my own Flickr-page is online and I hope you enjoy my photo's as much as I do.


Travelling in the summer seems logic, but why my interest in the winter? Let me tell you a short story!

Since I was two months old (I was born in november 1996) my parents took me to Brixen im Thale, Austria. They visit that place since who knows how long and as their only child I had to come with them. I was just three years old when they put me on ski's, which I did for almost seven years. After that I decided to snowboard the rest of my life. My dream to visit all of the slopes in the Alps made me who I am now, living for the wintersport.


Also, I almost forgot to tell you I like football too. No, not the American, but the one for the round ball!

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