Lisamarie Bourke is a photographer and makeup artist based out of London, UK. Originally from Scotland, Lisa's career has taken her around the world and back. Throughout her professional experience, Lisa has worked as a model for Dolce & Gabana, London Fashion Week, and a television presenter. She is currently pursuing her passion for photography at a deeper level, something that is a nice changeup from her previous experience in front of the lens.


In addition to capturing the beauty of the moment through photography, Lisa likes to capture the beauty of individuals as a makeup artist. Throughout her time in makeup artistry, one of her favorite things has been learning how to best accentuate a women's natural beauty.


When not busy with her professional career, Lisa is an avid fitness enthusiast. She really enjoys going to the gym, circuit training, and yoga as a means to not only keep her body in good health but also her mind. "I think the false dichotomy that some of us have been sold when it comes to mind and body just ins't helpful' they have so much of an impact on one another."


Lisamarie Bourke truly embodies a passionate and professional spirit - be sure to follow along as she shares about her photography, fitness, makeup, and all the things in between!

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