San Bruno Mountain Watch

The San Bruno Mountain Archives seek to:

-Share stories that illuminate the unique significance of San Bruno Mountain
-Give voice to grassroots and unconventional understandings and experiences of San Bruno Mountain
-Explore the lively and complicated political history of San Bruno Mountain
-Record the changing environmental and social conditions of the mountain and its surrounding communities
-Establish a platform where people can both personally and collectively gain a wide-ranging and intimate appreciation of San Bruno Mountain and its ecological and cultural dramas
-Gather, digitize, categorize, and circulate a vast collection of photographs, articles, leaflets, and more regarding San Bruno Mountain from a variety of sources.

Please continue to check in with the San Bruno Mountain Archive as new material will be continuously uploaded to both expand the current collections and create new ones.

The public is invited to contribute relevant materials to the collections. Please email or call the office at 415 467 6631 to discuss further.

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San Bruno Mountain Watch Archives
August 2018