Years back my brother gave me his old Zenith-E SLR which started the "bug" with me. I had a Ricoh KR-10 off my parents for my 18th birthday that then carried me through many years of photography.


After a lay-off from "real" photography brought on by the advent of kids and work (I still took snaps on various compacts) I started back on my love of photography with the purchase of a Canon EOS 350D (Rebel XT), which I had in April 2005. This I used extensively for the majority of shots I have posted here. I since upgraded to the EOS 30D a 50D and then I decided to move towards a professional career and bought the magnificent 5d MkII and the amazing 1Ds Mk II as backup. I love Canon and feel I am so hooked now that no other manufacturer will be able to offer me something better for my needs. I also have an EOS 620 and an EOS 3000N for film work when I want to use slides.


I now have my own studio in Buxton, which is fully fitted out with al the light modifiers and backgrounds I need to create the sort of images I like. I have a few good models I work with in the area at the moment but am always looking for new talent. Please let me know what you think or would like, I am personable and easy to work with. I am also very discrete and open to any ideas you may have.


I have profiles on:


Model Mayhem Ian Parkes Photography


Pure Storm Ian J Parkes Photography


Thanks for looking


Ian :)

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