Well was here as junita. now samantha 1 n only . have been dressing as long as i can remember started at about 5 years old my sisters put blue silk stockings on me for fun boy what fun it was. from then on just had to have some kind of nylons , would go to friends home and take there mothers or sisters, can remember the first time my mother found my stash in o hole in my mattes , gave them to one of the sisters that dressed me in them in the first place, well now 50 some years later im still at , am married . wife found things from time to time , she thought i was cheating on her and was keeping things from other woman , but then as time went on she kind of got the drift , and started just putting them at the end of my bed in the morning . so one night i told her about it and all she had to say was she wanted to see me dressed . so i did and she got a chuckle about the pink please corset toe high heels . so now twenty years later im still at it and dress at home all the time . she hardly even looks anymore . but can never were to bed . now have my wardrobe dresses slips tops and 29 pair of heels an more stockings and pantyhose then i even want to count . had almost three thousand pics on my other site . so here i am starting another hope to find some of my friends from there , thanks for reading this , loved all the comments and favor on my other site love to all

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