Palizzi jewellery is named after the tiny village of its origin, perched on top of a rocky outcrop in the heart of Calabria, Southern Italy. This strikingly beautiful region, called Area Grecanica, has been influenced by Greek, Byzantine and Arabic cultures, and has a wealthy heritage in the arts and crafts.

Palizzi jewellery is completely unique, each piece entirely handmade by an artist. Inspired by both fashion and art to use unusual and recovered materials, their remarkable palettes are unmistakably inspired by Mediterranean landscapes.

The use of a crochet technique with copper, brass or silver wire, creates complex interlaced structures into which semi-precious stones, crystals and pearls are fixed in an intricate process. The artist never creates the same piece twice - the elaborate nature of each grows just as a work of art that cannot be reproduced...

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Palizzi Jewellery
February 2018