"Who am I ?"

Just a builder whose aim is to take photo's that are interesting !
My photographic skills are very basic but my imagination is out of this world that's what helps me create the images I produce. Abstract & portraits are by far my favorite photography while landscape photography is my pet hate probably because I'm useless at it !!!! something to practice at ;-(((
The stuff in my camera bag consist of a Nikon D7000 (1st choice as from 2/7/15), a Nikon D3100 (donated to my youngest lad Geo) & a Nikon 1-J2 & Nikon 1-J5 (Top for travel) & occasionally a Panasonic FZ 45 which is good for work related shots cos if out happened to it I wouldn't cry as much !
Unfortunately the FZ45 as passed away RIP ;-(


I am very proud of my work & want the world to see it therefore my work has a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND licence. If you are unsure what this means have a look on the following creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/legalcode

All I ask is "play fair" send me an E-mail to show your interest, I will usually say yes but your contact will inspire me to create better work for all to see & use ;-)))

I love doing the occasional very simple short video/film, would do more the struggle with the editing, something to work on.


If I add you as a contact it is meant as a compliment. I have seen your photostream & I have enjoyed browsing through it.
I make effort to look at other photo-streams & I have seen lots of brilliant images & made contact with many splendid folk, this is what I love about Flickr . I try to reply to all comments but sometimes I miss one so I will thank you now & as for my non-English speaking contacts i will use Google translate, if its not quite correct my apologies !
Unfortunately I will delete contacts who haven't been active for 6 months presuming you have left Flickr, I will look on your profile to see if you have left any messages.If you return please let us know & I will gladly follow you again.
Lost a lot of nice contacts lately hope you all are fine & wish you all good luck in whatever you are doing ;-))

Don't waste your time adding me as a contact if you have nothing to share, Flickr works both ways for me so you will be blocked ! :-((

I don't always add people who add me as a contact no offence intended simply not interested in your your style or photographs


There are many reasons behind me choosing favorites, some are brilliant, some are interesting & some just inspire me, if I’ve picked one of yours thank you for adding it to Flickr because I will have gained something from looking at your photo ;-))


Add as many of my photos as you like to your galleries, I'm honoured to be in included. My apologies for not contacting people about putting your photo in one of my galleries, just saving time. If you have any objection please contact me & I will remove it immediately. All the excellent photos used are from my favorites.

*Zealous Collection* - I was honored to be asked to include some of my photos by Zealous on their website, click on the link & explore the site , its full of spectacular photos & art images, well worth a visit for inspiration.

Hit the MILLION views on 25/5/14, many many thanks to everybody for your time clicking on my photo's, truly appreciated !!!

Hit 2 million views on 15/1/15, thanks everybody for your time clicking & the many comments & fav's , appreciated, appreciated & even more appreciated ;-)))

Hit 3 million views on 30/6/15, many thanks yet again to everyone who as made a visit, commented & picked a fav, loads of appreciation to you all ;-)))))))))

Hit 4 million views on 24/1/2016, many thanks yet yet again to everyone who as made a visit, commented & picked a fav, loads of appreciation to you all ;-)))))))))

Hit 5 Million views on 5/10/2016, five million thank you's to everyone who has visited my photostream, ;-)))))))))))))))))

Many of my shots depict me as a real misery ! I assure you this is just screenplay, well some of it !! I do laugh every now & again ha ha ;-))

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    Mark Winterbourne | markwinterbourne.com says:

    "Taking photographs is an art in itself, however being able to see an image is a seperate issue. Without wanting to sound like a school teacher writing a report on a pupil Craig is a fantastic photographer with an absolutley fantastic eye for a subject.

    In particular I find his monochrome street work nothing short of fantastic, his work reminds me of a modern day Henri Cartier-Bresson.

    Keep up the great work Craig, you are an inspiration"

    October 23rd, 2013

Craig Sunter
October 2007
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