Dominic Heard . Canon eos 450d user since christmas 2008. Lazy, arrogant, opinionated, depressed, angry, intelligent, usually randy, and mostly bored middle aged grumpy git. Always right, so right its irritating, and positively prophetic too. Consequently loathed by simpletons, hey its just fact, you know i'm right. Hence impossible for mere humans to understand or live with. Irrational ponytail. Look a bit like orlando blooms older brother after being hit in the face by a tennis racquet. Not as fat as I used to be. Intentionally scruffy, at least when clothes have been washed, otherwise, just scruffy. Cool.

I should mention too, that this is the dreaded one who spawned me. She's a pretty good artist though, so well worth a look, and yes, I will take some shots of her art for her at some point. In fact , building her new flikr page now.

Just to say as of 2014 I am celebrating 2,000,000 flickr hits, which considering I don't join enforced posting and comments groups isn't half bad. Hard earned with love and total non-engratiation is the best!

On the usage of my pictures, if you want to use one, please obey the license requirements and contact me for permission before you use one or civil proceedings might result. Don't like getting ripped off. Polite gracious people get much further. Don't make me go for the sue, cos frankly I need the money and it appeals to both my sense of justice and greed.

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October 2007
Gloucester UK
I am:
Male and Single
casual yet dedicated photographer, wildlife beast