The World Conference on Metaphysics was born in 2000. The initiative came from Fernando Rielo facing the crisis in metaphysics, abandoned by many, along with the rise of the “weak thinking” (pensiero debole), relativism and one track thinking. The Conference is organized by the Fondazione Idente di Studi e di Ricerca, the Idente Foundation for Studies and Research, the Fernando Rielo Foundation and the Fernando Rielo Chair of the Pontifical University of Salamanca. It seeks to situate metaphysics at the heart of culture owing to its founding and integrating role in each field of research applied to life: physics, biology, social sciences; reflection on medicine, law, politics, economics, the arts, and peaceful coexistence among peoples; and, in a particular way, the different religious traditions. This requires an interpretative model for the magna quaestio of our time: the definition of the human person, with its social, legal and spiritual implications.

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