I'm interested in creatures and plants both wild and tamed, and people of all sorts. I have only had a digital camera for about 10 years,and I love being able to get it into a back pocket, and not have to cart heavy kit about. At present I carry a Panasonic Lumix TZ70, (and sometimes binoculars and a hand lens) almost everywhere. I also have several TZ3's all secondhand. The TZ3 has an excellent macro facility, and I keep one in my jeans pocket all the time. (I don't want to get dust in the more expensive TZ70's lens!)


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I have a wildlife garden in Bournemouth, Dorset, in the UK, and spend a lot of time there. I used to also like the beach, which is where my "Durley Beachbum" comes from. I retired from teaching art to teenagers and adults a while ago. I'm now getting some good results with my digi compacts; it took me a while to make the switch from my old film camera, an 1960 ish Pentax Spotmatic, but the mistakes are much cheaper! I have 4 lodgers, and 3 dogs


I have had time since retirement to develop my particular interest in invertebrates, and the superb macro capacity of my little cameras is a great help.

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