I am a teacher from Hungary and the founder of "Tryllekino" in Norway. On this platform I am focusing on the visual art education connected to Tryllekino. My main inspiration is from Hungary, from Nóra L. Ritók and her colleagues in the Real Pearl Foundation and Art School. Nóra L. Ritók has been an Ashoka member since 2015 and her school has been an international success. She has visitors and students from all over the world. We had several common projects and we share many values like importance of positive discrimination, early intervention in child care/education and using art for supporting sosial and personal integration. In my work with children I follow the pedagogical concept of Real Pearl Foundation and Nóra L. Ritók: through art activities I help children to express themselves visually (and also verbally when they are telling about their stories about their pictures). In addition to developing their skills of visual and verbal communication I help them to improve their emotional, intellectual and social competencies and abilities. In addition to the visual art activity I use children's pictures as illustrations of Tryllekino-films. In this way I again create new ways to enjoy the lovely pictures and get new inspirations to design new creative projects related to songs and fairy tales.

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  • JoinedNovember 2017
  • OccupationFreelance teacher
  • HometownBudapest
  • Current cityOslo
  • CountryNorge


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