Working Together: The Workers’ Co-operative Project


Working Together is an HLF supported project based at the National Co-operative Archive, which aims to identify and make accessible records from some of the major UK workers' co-operatives of the 1970s-90s that are in danger of being lost. The rapid upsurge of interest in the idea of working co-operatively during this period led to a blossoming of a new wave of co-operative businesses. These workers' co-operatives aimed to create jobs where people were important, with an emphasis on sharing work, ownership, profits, responsibilities, and decisions. The legacy from those years remains an important one for the co-operative movement as a whole.


To make the material collected more accessible, key items related to workers' co-operatives in this period have been digitised and can now be viewed on our Flickr.


For more information about the Working Together project please visit our website: or follow us on twitter #WorkerCoops


The National Co-operative Archive


Located in central Manchester, the National Co-operative Archive is home to a wide array of records relating to the history of the worldwide co-operative movement. The collections include rare books, periodicals, manuscripts, films, photographs and oral histories, and provide researchers with an unrivalled resource for the development of the co-operative movement, from the initial ideas of the eighteenth century to the present day.

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