Do you
Love your family? - Children? Parents? Siblings? Relatives?
Love your Frinds, Colleagues?
Love Pets?
Support any causes?
Love things?
Believe in unseen, untouched forces? - Like God or Life
Do you know why?
Author Vijay S Sharma provides the same rules of love or hate for all human relations and interactions.
Know those rules, and take control of your life !
Would you believe these rules of love can be applied in business, and every human interaction?
Would you believe love can be measured?
Read the revolutionary book that everyone is talking about
What is Love?
by Vijay S Sharma
It shows how exacly you can generate more love for others and get more love.You can even calculate your love for others using the simple formula suggested
Use Mobile App ‘What is Love? By VijayS Sharma’&calculate your love for others or the love you perceive from them.
Or exchange score with people in your life.
So you can know how stable your relationship is and work on it to make it better.
Prepared to be pleasantly surpised!
What is Love?
Book and Mobile App Available on in print and eBook on Apps for iOS and Android on Apple Store and Google Play Store
I am enclosing all logos where book is available and google play store and App store logos
Also enclosing Images of the book, logo and a logo animation. If you can, you can incorporate the first 7-8 seconds within your animation or you can have just the rotating logo on the top or bottom corner throughout.
Website address: and fb url
Can come within the animation at the end and stay there.

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What is Love? By Vijay S Sharma – Book and Mobile Apps
September 2017