Hello, and welcome to my Flickr page!

Just an amateur photographer who enjoys all types of photography, but with a focus on Toy/Product photography. I particularly enjoy working with Lego and primarily Bionicle themed Lego. I also build and custom paint my own Bionicle themed Mocs (I know that there are many Lego purists out there that shudder at the idea of altering or painting Lego pieces, but I find that it fits my purposes of making them look more metallic like. Also, as a life long Lego fan, I believe the core of Lego is creativity which in my view includes the repainting of pieces if need be). Bottom line is, please don't be offended by my painting and just enjoy the overall look of the Moc :)


I appreciate comments! Feel free to message me anytime! Please keep profanity of any sort out of the comments and thank you for supporting this page! Enjoy and God bless.

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