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Welcome to Soul Central Magazine,



Welcome to Soul Central Magazine,


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A Music ,fashion and lifestyle magazine dedicated to exposing Fashion, Lifestyle and Music around the Globe.


Welcome to Soul Central Magazine

number #1 for indies and celebs across the globe


We cover Hot topics and our exclusive monthly magazine is readily available and delivered and distributed to Fashion labels, Agents, A&R’s, Talent scouts, Managers, Video directors etc throughout the fashion, music, film & TV industry.


Soul Central Magazine has a policy of finding the "NOW" whats "HOT" discovering new trends and delivering to our readers and followers the hottest new fashion and music to date.


What makes Soul Central Magazine different from other magazines????


Soul Central is a Online Magazine that gives fashion designers, fashion industry and musicians a platform to present their work in a professional manner and have their work distributed to thousands of people who have a interest in fashion, beauty and the entertainment Industry


Soul Central Magazine loves to work with community projects aswell as inspirational people that try inspire others to make the world a better place to live in.


Aimed at the modern day man and the independent women, we at Soul Central Magazine are sure to deliver the ultimate gadgets keeping you staying fashionable and healthy with hot fashion trends, as well as past and present culture .


Delivered to an industry near you!


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