I’ve always feel uncomfortable speaking about myself, but sometimes it’s better to share few things in order to dissipate the distance.

I am born an raised in the town of Vratsa (Bulgaria), (my parents were very liberal):) and my childhood was carefree-among lot of books and good friends. As the years passed by, I started to love hiking in the mountains. I have seen many places and surprisingly found, that depending on the weather and light one place can look differently beautiful each time. I felt the need to save these places, and in my mind I started thinking of ways to do that. At one point decided that I should try painting, then switched to writing- but none of it felt right to me. So finally I’ve found my instrument for documenting the beautiful world around me, and that was photography. Determined to learn this type of self-expression I slowly started to learn the basics of photography. The limited resources and poor equipment I compensated with a lot of passion. Passion, that retained and grue stronger through the years.

Even today, when family and work responsibilities take the main portion of my time, I always tend to find time for my passion.

Happy with what I’m doing, I’m looking forward exciting moments.

Thank you for visiting my profile.
You can find more on www.todorcholakov.com


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Todor Cholakov
September 2018
Electrical engeneer