Our Philosophy

What sets The Naked Dog apart from other dog-care businesses is our relationship-based approach that takes place in real world scenarios. Whether we are at your house doing a training session, boarding your dog in our home or hiking the pack on the trails, we are always interacting with the dogs in a way that reinforces a calm, obedient mindset.

Having a strong partnership with your dog makes incredible things possible. Our goal is to achieve a level of communication that is so subtle the dogs respond to a small movement or a sound - even in distracting situations! We hold each of the dogs in our care to a high standard of behavior, consistently reinforcing the good behaviors we want as well as our rules and boundaries. The dogs we work with adore us because our relationship is built on consistency, integrity and a clear leadership structure that provides dogs with a sense of safety.

It’s important to understand our dogs' psychological perspective and work with it. Miscommunications and misattributions result in most of the behavioral problems we get called in on. We teach you how to read your dog’s behavior and actions as well as assess their mental state. Obedience isn’t just about completing the command, but the quality of the dog’s energy. When you learn to tune into your dog, anticipate their reactions and give appropriately timed cues, many issues can be well managed if not completely prevented.

Teaching our dog to be a good citizen isn’t a luxury and it isn’t just to make our lives easier (even though it does). When we consistently implement this training perspective, we have a dog that is less stressed and feels safer in the world. This is because we have provided our dog with clear leadership, consistently enforced rules and boundaries and help to manage his stress levels through awareness, prevention and guidance.

What we offer

Private training sessions where we work with you one-on-one to teach effective techniques that improve your communication and help you to better understand your dog

Small group classes that meet every Saturday for a month where you get real world practice implementing The Naked Dog training techniques

Off-leash hiking daycare service that meets your dog’s daily need for exercise, socialization and training

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The Naked Dog
August 2018